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Our philosophy is all included here, in the research of the heart, of the deep soul of every flavour, which is connoted by many features and emotions different between each other; every taste values its personality according to its tradition in a balance of alive feelings, scents and perfumes, for a tasting full of life. We have obtained from the great home-made heritage of our region the right knowledge to elaborate high quality products, working on our raw materials, carefully selected without never going far from the basic values of the intense, deep genuineness and typicality of the Neapolitan gastronomy; and we do it from more than ninety years.


A new selection of excellent products characterized by a particular attention focused on the fine quality of the raw materials utilized, on the working processes employed, which optimize the ancient home-made methods with an advanced technology that guarantee high qualitative standards. The advanced equipment, realized for specific productive requirements, and for preserving the natural raw materials and finished products, guarantees a perfect supply chain constantly sxposed to controls and tests.

Anyma Alembic

There is a spectacle grander than the sea and the sky,
there is a spectacle grander than the sky
and the interior of the soul. [Victor Hugo]

Creamy dark chocolate liqueur

download product Anyma Intensa

A rich and tasty creamy specialty with valuable and precious blend of dark and pure Italian chocolate by Gallucci Faibano in Naples, which is elaborated and prepared following an ancient traditional recipe; the result is a creamy low alcoholic strength liqueur, thick and full-bodied, a real delicacy to be enjoyed with anything else or as a dessert to match with dried and fresh fruits, sweets and ice-cream.

Sugar, alcohol, water, extra dark chocolate Gallucci Faibano 10%, skim cocoa 5%, skim milk 2%, natural aromas.

18% vol. / 70cl


  • "Intensa" chocolate > 3 pt
  • Menta Sacco > 1 pt
  • Syrup almond milk > 2 pt
Anyma Intensa
Anyma Napoletana

Liquor star anise

download product Anyma Napoletana

This liqueur fuse the real Neapolitan tradition with a modern way of drink; its unmistakable flavour and its unique aroma recall ancient perfumes, when in the Neapolitan houses or in every bar it was used to drink coffee with anise, that emitted all its flavour in the warm coffee, mainly appreciated during the cold winter days as strengthening. But now it can be used also mixed with water as excellent refreshing and thirst-quenching drink. Therefore this Anise liqueur has a very dry and particular taste, not sweet but aromatic which keeps alive, still today, the Neapolitan tradition, and is drunk as an ancient but also modern Mediterranean passion too.

Alcohol, water, distillate of anise 3%, sugar.

40% vol. / 70cl

Dolce Vita a Capri

  • 2 pt > "Napoletana" star anise
  • 1 pt > Prosecco
  • > Mint leaves
  • > Crushed ice

Liqueur of strawberry

download product Anyma Spiritosa

A pleasant and fragrant liqueur obtained by the infusion of premium quality wild strawberries in alcohol, according to an ancient home-made recipe, this product represents a real specialty of our Italian tradition, characterized by an intense flavor of the strawberry, which releases all the taste and the aroma, to eat more than to drink. It lends really well itself to be using in the preparation of cocktails or fruit salads, and it’s perfect to cold drink, on the rocks, after dinner or with friends.

Alcohol, water, infusion of wild strawberry 9%, wild strawberry 7%, aromas, color E124.

30% vol. / 70cl

Ladies' Night

  • Crushed ice > 2 pt
  • Tequila > 1 pt
  • "Spiritosa" strawberry > 1 pt
  • Ripe strawberries > 4
  • Lemon juice
Anyma Spiritosa
Anyma Solare

Liqueur of “limone di Sorrento I.G.P.”

download product Anyma Solare

This is a typical product of our region, nowadays famous all around the world, which dues its fortune to its noble raw material: lemons, in particular the one from the peninsula of Sorrento, where brilliant colors and incredible perfumes merge in the sea. The Limoncello is obtained from an infusion of peels of “Limone di Sorrento I.G.P.”, following an old recipe, and represents, nowadays, an universal and cosmopolitan way of drinking, even in its simple essence. It is possible to drink in many different ways, with or without ice, after lunch or with friends, it can enrich other drinks, it can be used to cook, on ice-cream, on fruit salad or in patisserie.

Alcohol, water, peels infusion of “Limone di Sorrento I.G.P.” (min. 250g for 1lt of liqueur), sugar.

32% vol. / 70cl

Bitter Tears

  • 3 pt > Rhum
  • 2 pt > "Solare" “limone di Sorrento I.G.P.”
  • 1 pt > Tequila
  • 3 spoons > Liquid sugar
  • 1 spoon > Papaya syrup

Liqueur of walnuts from Sorrento

download product Anyma Robusta

Typically product of our region, this liqueur follows the ancient recipe of the “nocino” which was home-made, and gets its taste and its full-bodied and unique flavour from the handcrafted infusion prepared with the husks of the characteristic and fine walnut of Sorrento, with its small shape, perfumed and rich of aroma and flavour. It is suggested to taste it at room temperature to better perceive its spicy and bronzed aromas, as an excellent digestive, but also like a meditation liqueur.

Alcohol, water, infusion of Sorrento’s walnut (min. 400g per 1lt of liqueur), sugar, natural aromas.

40% vol. / 70cl


  • "Robusta" walnuts from Sorrento > 3 pt
  • Espresso > 2 pt
  • White grappa > 1 pt
Anyma Robusta
Anyma Passionale

Liqueur of Annurca apple

download product Anyma Passionale

Delicate and innovative liqueur, with a sweet taste due to its principal ingredient, the “Annurca” apple, as distillate, but also dry almost like a brandy. Its lasting and charming aroma inebriates the olfaction and palate, the sweetness of this fruit is well balanced with the bitter and hard flavour of the distillate, and this union makes this liqueur a pleasant and unique exciting discovery. The raw material employed represents an excellence of our region, a small but sweet and crisp apple, typical of our territory. Excellent to drink in social occasions, but also like digestive, on the rocks.

Alcohol, water, sugar, apple juice, distillate of Annurca apple 3%, aromas.

34% vol. / 70cl

Mio Amor

  • 2 pt > "Passionale" of Annurca apple
  • 2 pt > Brandy
  • 1 pt > Strawberry syrup
  • 1 spoon > Lime juice
  • 1 strawberry > Decoration

Liqueur of licorice from Calabria

download product Anyma Sognante

This is a low alcoholic strength liqueur, with its pleasant and aromatic taste of licorice of Calabria, of which is used the pure powder of the root, appreciated and well-known Italian product, natural and toning, can be drunk with or without ice.

Sugar, alcohol, water, pure powder of licorice from Calabria 10%.

25% vol. / 70cl

Black Mojito

  • Lime > 1/2
  • Cane sugar
  • Mint leaves
  • "Sognante" of licorice > 2 cl
  • Rhum and soda
Anyma Sognante
Anyma Mediterranea

Almond milk syrup

download product Anyma Mediterranea

Natural beverage, typical flavour of our own region, known and appreciated for its sweet and delicate aroma and for its recognized refreshing and nourishing properties: it has a decent amount of antioxidants, including tocopherol and vitamin E, and its good intake of unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic) gives a good nutritional quality. It can be drunk alone or used as refreshing drink for the preparation of other beverages such as iced coffee, great for making fruit and ice-creams smoothies, or for realizing typical Mediterranean sweets.

Sugar, water, almonds 10%.

Bella Bruna

  • 2 pt > "Napoletana" of star anise
  • 2 pt > "Sognante" of licorice
  • 1 pt > Almond milk syrup
  • 4 pt > Espresso
  • Abundant > Crushed ice

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